Do more with your air quality measurements.

Let a model alongside your measurements translate data into meaningful understanding.

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Do more with your air quality measurements.

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Turn measurements into actionable insights

At SHAIR we help you get the most out of your measurements. We use models to help visualize local-scale air pollution gradients and allow you to understand which sources are contributing most so you can prioritize your efforts and best communicate impacts. 

SHAIR was born out of Ramboll's mission to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish, and is rooted in our vision to deliver integrated and sustainable solutions, shaping today and tomorrow.


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Example of SHAIR in Lyon, France 

Understand what source is responsible for high pollution events. Is it too many cars on the road or a nearby wildfire?

Use our tools to predict and visualize the air quality impact of different scenarios.

Explore and forecast pollutant concentrations for every street and intersection in your city.


Uses statistical and physics-based air quality models.


Leverages Ramboll's global network of air quality experts and practitioners. 


Assimilates dynamic and static emission sources and meteorology to determine which emission sources contribute to local air quality.


Supports engagement and co-creation with stakeholders, citizens, government and industry.

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